Ruger 10/22 Performance Modifications & Enhancements 3.0 Version eBook

Improve the Accuracy and Reliability of your Ruger 10/22 Rifle with over 20 modifications you can do at home Visit

I found that after I did a small group of modifications the rifle really worked and was an accurate stock looking sleeper rifle.

I have put my years of field research into an easy to follow and perform manual of do it yourself step by step, large color photos information.

This 112-page step-by-step manual guides you through the details of transforming your standard 10/22 into a more reliable and accurate rifle.  

Stop the Frustrating Stove Pipe Jams. Just this info. Is worth the price of the eBook

When you buy an aftermarket trigger kit, you get a couple of shims for the hammer bushings which will help a little, they are never the right thickness to really help.     

In this 3.0 version of the eBook, I show you how to make shims to take all the slop out of the trigger, sear to trigger shims, trigger to trigger group shims and hammer shims, this work will make the trigger consistent and smooth.

I show you how to make the most popular modification of all, the cleaning hole in the back of the receiver so you can pull the bolt out and use a full-length cleaning rod to clean the barrel.

The great thing is that you can make most of these modifications yourself and see the improvements immediately. Become the go-to-guy with extensive knowledge on how to make you and your friend’s rifles work right and hit what you are shooting at… No gimmicks – just field-proven techniques with measurable results.

The modification techniques in this manual will easily save you a couple hundred dollars in nonproductive and not necessary aftermarket fluff.

With a little work on your part, these DIY modifications will make your 10/22 run and perform better so you can have more fun with the little rifle we love.

Instant download PDF at   you can start your 10/22 transformation today.

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