people are more aware of hygiene

When you walk into a home or business to use the public washroom, what are the first things you notice? What is the overall cleanliness? Is there toilet paper available? Is there enough soap? Are there air dryers or paper to dry your hands? If the answer is yes to all of these, it gives you a comfort level with the business or residence. We all do it and we all have a certain level of comfort. After all, washroom hygiene is a very personal thing.

In a business, the aim of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is to ensure the safety of your customers and staff, which in turn, boosts customer confidence during the pandemic. In a home, it’s where we live. However, for some of us, our workplace is our second home. So why is it that we tend to view our workplace as different from our home when it comes to standards of cleanliness and safety?

Whether you are a business that has been lucky enough to be open through COVID, or you are attempting to re-open, we all need to change our behavior, since the future is going to be very different. I do not like the saying, “it’s going to be a new future”. I prefer to say “we have to adjust with common sense as things change”. We need to understand the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing. We need to read labels to make sure we understand contact and dwell times. Contact is how long the disinfectant is on the surface, dwell time is the amount of time the surface must remain visibly wet, in order to kill pathogenic microorganisms before the disinfectant is wiped or rinsed off.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself. Is your disinfection process in place? How are we doing it? When do we need to do it? Why are we doing it? These are questions we need to answer. Assess your business and look ahead to change. Change can be a good thing, and people do recognize your efforts and appreciate your concern for their health and safety.

Be sure to read and follow label instructions. These instructions will include information on contact and dwell times so that the product can effectively do its job. Also always keep disinfectants and sanitizers out of reach of children. Use soap and water to clean their toys or anything they will touch or put in their mouth.

In our next article, we will be writing about disinfection methods and suggested protocols. This is article # 5. I hope you are enjoying our articles as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

Thank you for considering us. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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